Storytellers/ Poets

The following 20 videos are of some of the best poets and storytellers  of all time.  They are in alphabetical order, so don't feel like we are ranking these clips in any way.  Some clips could not be embeded and can only be viewed on YouTube. Please enjoy and try to find something new!  Clips with an * contain foul language and/or may not be appropriate for all audiences.

A.J. Jacobs

My Outsourced Life

Andy Borowitz

An Unexpected Twist

B. Yung*


Bill Lepp

A Plea for Plungers

Brave New Voices Team Denver

Give This Poem a Seven

David Sedaris*

You Can't Kill the Rooster

Eddie Lenihan

The Black Dog

Eric Bogosian


Eric Darby

Scratch and Dent Dreams

Garrison Keillor

Lessons in Swimming

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