The following 100 Documentaries are some of the best of all time.  They are in alphabetical order, so don't feel like we are ranking these clips in any way.  Some clips could not be embedded and can only be viewed on YouTube.  Please enjoy and try to find something new!  Clips with an * contain foul language and/or may not be appropriate for all audiences.

A Brief History of Time

A full reading of Stephen Hawking's controversial book.

A History of Celtic Britain

A look into how the Celts lived.

Africa's Stolen River

A great documentary on the disappearance of a major river.

Alexander the Great

A brief history of Alexander the Great.

ALEC - The United States of ALEC

Bill Moyers delves into the creators of American legislation.

The American Revolution - Part 1 of 4

A documentary on the reasons for the Revolution. Great series!

Ancient Egypt Greatest Pharaohs 1350 to 30 BC

The lives and stories of the rulers of ancient world. Part 1 of 2.

Ark of the Covenant

The sacred container of the Ten Commandments?

American Look - 1958

Creepy, interesting, and worth a watch.

Benjamin Franklin

A historical look into the life and genius of Franklin.

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